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Printable W-9 Form: How to Fill It Out

If you are a US freelancer, contractor, self-employed, or vendor, the business you work for may require you to provide a completed W-9 Tax Form. Everything you need to know about this document is gathered here.

What Is a W-9 Form Used For?

The fillable W-9 Form is a one-page paper issued by the IRS but processed by third parties (such as banks, companies, and numerous businesses). It should be completed by part-time workers, freelancers, and self-employed persons whose annual income exceeds $600 and sent to those requesting this document.

With its help, an employee provides their personal data and taxpayer identification number, and an employer reports to the tax office on the amounts paid. Also, when filling out the form, a freelancer confirms the awareness that part of their earnings goes to cover relevant taxes.

Where Do I Find My W-9 Form?

All templates, one way or another related to taxes, including fillable W-9, can be found on the IRS official website. A simpler and more convenient option is to use our service. You don't have to spend a lot of time looking for the right paper, and besides, there is useful information here if you have any questions while filling it out. We follow the updates and provide users only with the latest versions.

When Is a W-9 Form Required?

There is a list of situations in which you are required to fill out a W-9 online. It includes the following points:

You are self-employed and do not work full-time in a company;

You are a US citizen or resident;

Your annual income from one company, enterprise, individual, and so on exceeds $600;

You open a new bank account;

When investing and depositing money, a W-9 PDF Form may also be required to confirm the source of your income.

There is a list of situations in which you are required to fill out a W-9 online. It includes the following points:

A company, organization, or individual is not your client;

People who require you to fill out the W-9 template are not representatives of the businesses you work with;

These persons are not related to any customer for whom you performed the work.

Before sending documents, make sure you are forwarding them to the rightful recipient.

What if Your Boss Sends You a W-9 Form?

The term "boss" usually refers to a head of a full-time employee. In such a relationship, you are required to complete a Form W-4. If your boss asks you to send them a completed blank W-9 form, it can only mean that the organization considers you a freelancer. Before starting work, make sure you and management are on the same page and assume the same employment form.

How to Fill Out a W-9 Form?

The editable W-9 consists of a single page. Besides, the IRS provides detailed instructions, so there should be no problems with filling it out on our service.

  1. Enter your and your company names.
  2. Next, select the form of your business from the proposed options, for example, Individual or S Corporation. If the list does not include an option that suits you, use the "Other" column and the "Exemption" section to clarify it.
  3. After that, enter your full address, to which your customer can send return info in the future.
  4. In Part I, write in your Taxpayer Identification Number. Depending on the form of business, it can be SSN or EIN.
  5. In Part II of the IRS W-9 Form, you need to add your signature and date. It confirms that the information entered is correct. Please note that this section lists exceptions to the source of funds. If they apply to your situation, see the accompanying instructions.

How to Get a W-9 Form?

There are several options for obtaining this paper:

As a rule, your customer provides you with all the necessary papers for free;

If they have not done so, you can get the form from the tax service website;

You can also use our platform to fill out and print Form W-9.

How to File a W-9 form?

Please note that you should not submit this file to the IRS. It is used by third parties for whom you provide goods and services. Unlike most tax papers, the electronic W-9 Form has no fixed deadlines. You should use it upon request and not on a specific date.

The IRS leaves you and your customers the choice of filing the form. You can either do it electronically or download the file on your device for later printing. Most businesses have switched to paperless workflow long ago, so digital docs are preferable. For other cases, our service provides a print option.

Fillable online W-9 form 2018-2022

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How much taxes will I pay on a W-9?

According to the current revisions, which were adopted in 2018, the backup withholding rate is 24%. Please be aware that it might not be your final tax liability. Other deductions or exclusions may be added depending on your sources of income and your personal situation when completing the annual tax return.

How to fill out a W-9 as an independent contractor?

The filling process is standard for all self-employed people. You need to indicate the name, company title (if any), select the type of business from the list, put in the full address, date, and sign the form. If you are exempt from backup withholding, please include the code in the appropriate section.

How to fill out a W-9 form for individuals?

You are required to provide information about you and your business. Fill in your and your company (if applicable) names, select federal tax classification, provide an exact address, specify TIN (it can be SSN or EIN), date, and sign. Leave the "Exemption" section blank unless you are exempt from deductions.

Is there a new W-9 form for 2022?

The last time the tax office revised this template was in 2018. At the moment, this format remains relevant. So, you can use it to provide information about your business in 2022. It is not known yet when it will be revised next time.

What is the purpose of a W-9?

Various companies, organizations, and businesses use this document for reporting to the tax office. They are required to do it if they receive goods and services from freelancers, self-employed, and vendors and pay them over $600 annually. Part-time employees should fill out this form themselves and provide them to customers.

What is a W-9 employee?

This term refers to a worker who is not a full-time employee of an enterprise. These include independent contractors, freelancers, self-employed, and so on. Moreover, their annual earnings from one client should not be less than $600. Keep in mind that some types of jobs, such as yard work or babysitting, do not require filling out this document, although they fit the description.